Turner Construction Company Announces New Sustainability Goals

DENVERTurner Construction Company, a North America-based, international construction services company with an office in Denver, announced this Earth Day an elevated approach towards environmental sustainability. The company is targeting a 50 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions and water use from construction activities by 2030.

Since the company made a formal commitment to becoming a green builder in 2004, Turner has worked on more than $60 billion of green building projects. Along the way, Turner diverted three million tons of construction waste from landfills and further reduced its environmental impact through a range or sustainability programs in its construction and corporate operations.

“But these efforts alone are not enough,” said Julia Gisewite, director of sustainability. “Extreme weather events, climate change and their impact on people and the built environment are calling for us to seek new and enhanced ways utilize our technical expertise to create a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future for our people, clients and the environment.”

Turner has a three-pronged program to support achievement of environmental efficiency, and the resiliency and green goals:

Environmental Efficiency
The company commits to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption of on-site construction operations by 50 percent by 2030. By taking a deeper look into the aspects of construction that the company can control – the building process itself – Turner has the opportunity to make a direct, measurable impact on the environment.

Resiliency speaks to the ability to recover from or to be resistant to the impact of natural and manmade disasters—as well as long-term changes resulting from climate change. Mindful of the range of extreme weather conditions, Turner has a clear focus on providing for the safety and welfare of people during the construction process and will actively promote and protect their well-being. In addition, Turner will increase its technical expertise to support critical decision-making to provide for the long-term comfort, livability and sustainability of buildings and communities.

Green Building
Turner will continue to achieve the environmental goals of its projects. Turner’s staff will continue to learn and grow their knowledge and experience in innovative green technologies and processes. “Turner’s comprehensive approach to sustainability relies on the innovation, creativity and resourcefulness of our people. We are committed to work with our clients and partners to seek out ways to make a difference on our building projects on behalf of our future and for the generations to come,” Gisewite said.

Turner Construction’s most notable Colorado projects include Sports Authority at Mile High and the Aspen Art Museum.

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