Wireless Control Networks that Add Building Automation Functionality to Commercial Buildings Receives Patent

Senseware_Smart Building Patent

Senseware, Inc. (Senseware), an Internet of Things (IoT) company, recently announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued three patents that cover the smart building solution trends sweeping the commercial real-estate industry.

The patent for invention number 9,534,929 covers wireless control networks that add building automation functionality to commercial buildings of any size as part of a low-cost, retrofit strategy for improving building sustainability. With this invention, building owners and operators can augment their legacy infrastructure to improve the operational efficiency of their buildings by adding intelligent controls to critical facility equipment.

The patent for invention number 9,534,930 covers the remote configuration of sensors for rapid, low-cost installation of a wireless sensor service in a building. With this invention, customers can reduce installation time and costs and accelerate the delivery of real-time sensor data to a customer dashboard.

The patent for invention number 9,538,578 covers system status tools that allow monitoring of the operation and configuration of a sensor service delivered via a wireless sensor network. With this invention, customers can take control of their sensor service without relying on specially trained technicians to make needed adjustments in the reconfiguration of a sensor service.

“These three patents represent the first returns on the Intellectual Property strategy we pursued from the outset of Senseware’s entry into the booming Intelligent Building sector,” said Serene Almomen, CEO, Senseware. “We knew that Senseware’s innovations would be recognized and rewarded. As a technology company, we are constantly looking to add value to our shareholders by developing strategic patent assets that cover features critical to the delivery of smart building solutions,” she said.

Like other business sectors, the Intelligent Building sector is becoming increasingly data dependent. Building owners and operators are increasingly recognizing that their facility management operations can benefit greatly from actionable insights derived from real-time monitoring data. Efficiency gains in facility management operations reduce costs and have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Image courtesy of Senseware, Inc.;  Pictured is a wireless Node with an Environmental Sensor, and two Sensor Bridges connected

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