Eastern Regional Pipeline Project Receives ACEC Award

Dominion Water & Sanitation District (DWSD), a wholesale water, wastewater and stormwater provider for northwest Douglas County, has received the Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado (ACEC Colorado) for the Eastern Regional Pipeline Project. The project is critical to the commercial real estate industry and future development in Douglas County by providing a renewable, sustainable and reliable water supply.

“Through the Eastern Regional Pipeline Project, northwest Douglas County will have access to a renewable, sustainable and reliable supply of potable water,” said Sarah Stone of DWSD. “By securing WISE water through the pipeline, the DWSD is helping Douglas County water users to reduce, and in some cases, prevent dependence on non-renewable groundwater supplies.”

DWSD, the client/owner of the project joined the consulting engineer, Providence Infrastructure Consultants, in receiving the award.

The ERPP involved the installation of approximately 12-miles of 24- to 30-inch water transmission line extending from the Town of Castle Rock north through the Town of Sedalia and into northwest Douglas County, and included a variety of connection points for future water access. Providence Infrastructure Consultants provided Reynolds Construction and the DWSD professional water support services during the project’s planning, permitting, design and construction phases. The planning phases involved performing alternatives analysis to route the pipeline through unincorporated Douglas County, the Town of Sedalia and northern portions of the Town of Castle Rock.

Photo courtesy of DWSD

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