ICM Named One of Nation’s Safest Construction Companies in 2023 

ICM wins AGC CSEA Safety Award.

Industrial Constructors/Managers, Inc. (ICM) was recently recognized as having one of the nation’s top construction safety and health programs in 2023 by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). AGC oversees the prestigious AGC-WTW Construction Safety Excellence Awards, which is an annual ranking of construction safety and health programs. ICM was judged and selected as the third-place winner in the Specialty Division for 425,000 – 1,000,000 work hours. 

“Safety is at the forefront of everything we do because of the inherently challenging work that comes with being an industrial contractor,” said Ed Myers, president of ICM. “From upgrading baggage handling systems within the world’s third-busiest airport, to demoing and installing over a mile of pipe within one of our nation’s nuclear control buildings, we implement very strict safety controls to ensure that our employees, nearby visitors and staff are kept safe during all phases of our work. This recognition is a testament to those efforts and the strength of our safety team who collectively oversee over 500 projects each year.” 

ICM was selected as a winner after being judged by a panel of five independent construction safety and health professionals. Final judging for the awards program took place during the contractors’ association’s annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. ICM is one of four Colorado-based winners. 

“As a heavy industrial contractor, safety isn’t just a nice thing to “do” but an imperative aspect of every job we take on,” said Dave Montoya, safety director for ICM. “We are extremely proud of our safety record, which is the result of the care and attention of each and every ICM employee who makes safety a priority from when they first arrive on the job site to when they leave for home each night.” 

In addition to opening a new fab shop, ICM also recently received an ‘S’ stamp from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), certifying that the company’s power boiler and pressure piping work meets the ASME’s strict requirements. This marks the first time ICM has received the ASME ‘S’ stamp, validating that its power boiler and pressure piping work meets comprehensive third-party requirements. It was awarded after an expansive audit that reviewed the last three years’ worth of work and is valid until 2027. 

“The dangers associated with power boilers and pressure piping are quite extensive, which is why this certification is so important and so necessary,” said Sean Miller, QA/QC director for ICM. “As ICM continues to take on more and bigger pipefitting projects, the ‘S’ Stamp provides our clients with the assurance that our work is conducted using the safest practices and protocols and in accordance with the very highest quality standards.” 

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