Mile High Trendy Office: TARRA 9+CO Campus

TARRA, a new flexible office and membership workspace designed to transform the way women connect business, life and community, is located within Continuum Partners’ 9+CO development, a 26-acre urban infill project on the former University of Colorado Health Sciences Center site in Denver.

TARRA’s 11,500-square-foot space, which opened in June 2022, delivers a mix of office and open-plan workspace combined with business education and professional development opportunities, designed to support the city’s thriving community of women business owners, leaders and professionals.

Distinctive Design

Creating a new world of work also meant reimagining what a workspace looks like. Award-winning interior designer Oonagh Ryan of Los Angeles-based ORA created beautifully appointed spaces that blend the comfort of residential design with the flair of hospitality and the functionality of office space.

“When Kate came to me with the direction of ‘70s-feminism-meets-London-Member’s-Club, I knew we were going to have the chance to create something incredibly unique,” says Ryan. “We wove in gorgeous, rich colors and lovely textures with natural materials like wood and cork to create a warm, welcoming environment that feels better than home.” Ryan continues, “As a woman-owned business, we have an opportunity to create a space that is not just designed by us, in a way, it’s designed for us —with elements we appreciate as professionals, such as collaborative, interactive spaces, adaptable floor plans, and features that support a truly welcoming, innovative and diverse culture.”

The Workspaces & Amenities

There are two distinct spaces at TARRA designed to provide focus and productivity during the workday while serving as event and social spaces in the evening.

TARRA Office — a vibrant and amenity-rich 9,000-square-foot office space houses 33 private offices for teams and small businesses as well as a dynamic open-plan work environment for full-time members. The Office space includes flexible meeting and conference rooms, event space, and touches of high-end hospitality.

TARRA Work — a 3,500 private membership works club that houses full-time Work Club members. There is also a virtual Community Membership option that offers access to the network and programming plus discounts to hourly work club and meeting room access.

There are also nooks and booths for private conversations, conference rooms for large meetings and “Zoom Rooms” for small team meetings.

Project Partners
Interior Design: ORA
General Contractor: i2 
Architect: Gensler

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